Coporate Message

Nurimaru’s core competitiveness is long time varied experiences and closed sales networks in the sales industries.


Nurimaru’s broad experiences provide better business opportunities.

Last 45 years, the sales market has been changed dramatically in terms of commercial launching services. We have built up many sales networks, such as Lotte Hi-mart, E-mart, Homplus, Department Stores, TV home-shoppings, the Internet Malls, etc., in the close relationship with our clients and in the high competitiveness of market solutions. Nurimaru also have fine relationships with Korea’s prominent electronic manufactories, such as, OHSUNG, UNIX, SAMJUNG, GREEN POWER, LocknLock , HAENIM, KITCHEN AID
, etc., WE enhance the acknowledgments of client’s products and brands to the market and increase their brand values through varied promotions and marketing strategies.


Nurimaru always pursue an accompanied growth with partners

Nurimaru have broad diverse sales channels to catch up with consumers’ consumption patterns from analyzing users’ comments and recommendations. Such procedures and evaluations lead to improve partner companies’ R&D directivity effectively and efficiently.

Nurimaru have varied channels in the market.

Nurimaru have very competitive sales channels and marketing strategies. Based upon analyzing partners’ products and brands to meet the market needs, we provide different sales processes to link between customer’s brands and individual consumers. Furthermore, Nurimaru try to make steady progresses holding many events and promotions in the diversified channels, such as, Goole, YouTube, Blogs, Department Stores, Shopping Malls, Marts, and so on.

Throughout a strategy alliance with Nurimaru, partner’s brands and products can be easily acknowledged to the market as well as to the individuals. We provide better business opportunities by maximizing the chance of success with our varied channels and networks.

Nurimaru has been grown with our customers.